Monday, 21 November 2011

Resume: Applying for a job in homeopathy

Claudia Dias

I am a people's person, always interested in social issues, political affairs, medical research, scientific discoveries, and homeopathy.

I’m a qualified homeopath and shamanic healer with a particular interest in the area in mental health.

I’m also an actor and scriptwriter.

I hope to never cease to learn about homeopathy - it fascinates me how it can be applied to all life circumstances - it is a true holistic healing - unique, bespoke medicine tailored for each individual.

It helps us to be in harmony: mind, body and soul by integrating how we relate to our social and physical environment, and defines us as unique individuals distinct from everyone else.

If you don't believe me give it a try!

Sometimes it’s absolutely necessary and imperious to recourse to conventional medicine, but this should only be a temporary measure with the understanding that as much as conventional medicine and surgery might be the way the best way to postpone death it doesn’t offer long term health.

Would you rather wear clothes that we especially made for you or wear a one size fit all? So why do you think you should use one size fits all medicine rather than that a holistic system especially selected for you?

Conventional medicine's ability to deal with disease is only temporary, removing the pathology from one organ while causing damage to other organs through its aggressive suppression techniques (drugs, surgery, etc.).

If you want to know what are going to suffer next, it’s very simple: just read the side-effects of what you are taking now and you will know!

The same is happening to our environment where aggressive pesticides combined with genetic manipulation are leaving a trail of destruction behind, depriving us both at the national level and causing irreversible damage to our endocrine system. Our mental health and emotional being suffers for this too...even for those incapable of understanding their own spiritual connection to the rest of nature, it should be clear that our emotions are ruled by hormones and that our endocrine system is sensitive to even minute changes to chemicals and radiation in our environment.

We as supra intelligent beings should be the guardians of nature not its attackers. By ravaging our own natural resources we serve our greed but we don't create long lasting wealth, we become poorer both materially and spiritually.

Email me at for an appointment. I practice from central London and North London where I live; I also consult on the phone. I offer a free short consultation on Twitter: this is only useful for recent ailments, follow me @urban_healing and you will find my #healingmondays often advertised.

If your ailment is chronic, we both need to take time looking at the many life patterns physical and emotional, as well as your medical history.

We will then look at homeopathic and shamanic remedies, healing techniques, meditation and nutritional supplements that can set you on the path of recovery and of discovery of your new you: developing your potential and helping you to be the best you can possibly be!

I know it takes time but it's time well spent!

Claudia Dias, the Undercover Homeopath

Butterfly by Andrea Uhlikova


 Fully qualified Homeopath and Shamanic Healer.
  • Actor and Scriptwriter


  • Oct 2011 - Jan 2012 , Bank of Ideas, London

Organiser and sole homeopath and healer at Homeopathy and Healing Clinic once a week, Bank of Ideas, London
  • 2011 - Current, Twitter, International
Promoting Homeopathy on Twitter as @urban_healing
  • 2011 - Current, Twitter, International
Free Homeopathy advice service weekly on Twitter: #healingmondays
  • 2011 - Current,
Weekly Blog promoting Homeopathy. Analysing celebrity psychological profiles, and current affairs, according to homeopathic principles
  • Jan 2012, Bank of Ideas, London
Organiser of Art Therapy Workshop. Combining meditation and art in order to promote physical and mental healing.

  • 2010 - (Present) - Practising Homeopathy and Healing in London
  •  2002 -2004, Media Duo Ltd, London
Public Relations and Press Officer, and Office Manager. Writing press releases, informationals, and designing promotional leaflets to promote the company‘s complementary health products. 

 1998 - 2002 Executive Assistant, The Empty Homes Agency, London
management of database of empty properties around the UK, liaising with various welfare organisations.

  •  1995-1998 NOP, London
Research executive and translator for scientific, medical, technological, and marketing studies.
  •  1990-1994 Freelance actor, Lisbon
Acting work for various theatre companies and TV productions.
  •  1984-1994, Jornal Sete, and Revista Visao, Lisbon
Photo Archivist for a large Press Corporation, also as Personal Assistant and Secretary to the Managing Director.

  • 2010 - Present: School of Shamanic Homeopathy, London
Post-Graduate Course in Homeopathy and Shamanic Healing
  • 2006 - 2010, School of Shamanic Homeopathy, London
Diploma in Homeopathy and Shamanic Healing
  • 2005 - 2006 Lakeland College, London
Homeopathy, attendance and completion of the 1st year of a three year course.   
  • 1994 - 1995 NOP, London
Marketing, Qualitative Research and Administration
  • 1986-1989 Escola de Teatro A Comuna, Lisbon
Drama: Acting, Scriptwriting, and Directing

  • 1984 Escola Secundaria Luis de Camoes, Lisbon
A levels: Geography, Chemistry, English, Philosophy, Portuguese, Psychology

Portuguese (fluent)
Spanish (conversational)
French (basic)

Available on request

The Butterfly photo at the top is part of a collection of photos that Andrea took after having a healing session with me at Kew Gardens.